Church Maintenance At Quarley

We have had a letter from a professional surveyor. He writes:

"I could give my general impression in very few words by stating that it is almost a ruin. This, however, though strictly true, would scarcely be be sufficiently definite for any practical purpose....

"The last general repair seems to have been about the beginning of the last century, and nothing much seems to have been done since... The whole church is in urgent need of repair, but the roof first and most of all. I should advise immediate renewal... The wooden belfry springing from the roof is in a similar state of decay and I should advise immediate discontinuance of bell-ringing, the vibration of which is excessive, more especially as portions of the framing take bearing on the West Gable and the movement has already slightly dislodged the stonework. There are three bells, far larger than one would expect to find in so small a church. The adjacent churches of Grateley and Thruxton have each a small tower..."

He also recommended a new porch, a new vestry, new seats and space for an organ. The letter is dated 10 November 1879. A century and a quarter later we intend to complete the task he set us, and we ask for your support and prayers.

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