Every five years, each church in the Winchester Diocese is inspected by an Architect, who advises on the repair work to be carried out. In September this year it was the turn of our own church in Quarley. We have now received the Architect's report and want to keep everyone in the village informed about it. A copy of the report is in the church if you wish to read the whole document. 

We are encouraged that the report says " St Michael's Church is a well cared-for building and the church community at Quarley are to be congratulated in their efforts to maintain the church building over the years." (Item 4.01.04) 

Despite our best efforts, maintaining a building over a thousand years old is a constant struggle, and the report identifies a large number of repairs that must be carried out during the next five years. These are all listed in a table overleaf, and you will see there are a frighteningly large number of items. Some are potentially very expensive. 

Every year the small regular congregation has to raise £8000 just to pay our share of the salary and housing costs of our Priest-in-Charge, plus basic outgoings like electricity and insurance. On top of that we then have to raise the money to pay for any repairs. The Parish Council kindly makes a gift of £100 each year from their own very limited resources. Apart from this, we receive no money whatever from the Diocese, the Government or any other body to help pay the cost of running the church and maintaining our heritage of a unique Saxon church for future generations to enjoy. 

It is for this reason that we so value the support of the village at fund­raising events like the Village Fete and the Harvest Supper. We were grateful that the Fete Committee agreed in June to make a generous contribution towards the costs of meeting our obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act. The remainder of these unforeseen costs we have met ourselves. We have not yet priced the repairs listed overleaf, but indications are that they will cost an average of £2000 in each of the next five years. Please continue to support us in our efforts to maintain St Michael's church in good condition - we do rely on you.

Quarley Parochial Church Council    November 2003

Schedule of Defects



Make safe tomb chests


Chancel north slope Improve bird protection at eaves 3.01.00
Ground gutters Overhaul and remove vegetation 3.02.10
South porch Inspection by timber treatment specialist 3.02.24
Nave and chancel ceilings ditto 3.03.04
South porch tiling Reset tiles 3.03.42
Bells Overhaul chiming cables and pulleys 3.04.08

Chancel east verge

Re-point verge 3.01.06
Chancel east verge Carpentry repairs to barge boards 3.01.06
North verges Re-point verges to east and west 3.01.11
Weather vane Remove, overhaul in workshop, re-fix 3.01.11
Vestry roof Carpentry repairs to wall plate, etc. 3.01.18
Chancel east wall Re-point masonry at low level 3.02.06
Palladian window Investigate render panels, install non­ferrous glazing bars, install new guards, conserve masonry 3.02.07 et seq

Chancel south window

Re-lead and re-fix window 3.02.14
Chancel south door and nave south door Overhaul ironmongery 3.02.15 3.03.39
Upper west window Re-lead and re-fix window 3.02.14
Nave north wall Re-point open jointed area of walling 3.02.27
Vestry Carpentry repairs to cills and others 3.02.36
Churchyard gate Replace gateposts, overhaul gate


Churchyard northern boundary railings De-rust and redecorate 3.04.07
Railings to bells ditto 3.04.07
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