Quarley Church News - March 2003.

Our AGM will take place after Evensong on Sunday, 13 April. This is open to all, and is your opportunity to bring up any concerns. The PCC works extremely hard all year round to keep your church and churchyard in good working order. On Saturday, 29 March, we are having a Spring Clean and Churchyard Tidy Up. There is a list at the back of the church of all the tasks we are hoping to complete, and from this you will see that we urgently need helpers.

The churchyard has been designated a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation, and we have been trying to manage it accordingly. This led to a number of people complaining of how messy it looked. It was not an easy plan to implement, and it meant many hours of difficult mowing late in the season for a few people, as well as raking up. This year we are again going to leave the areas behind the first two rows of graves unmown between April and August in order to let the wild flower seeds set, but we hope to keep the front part and areas around the path and benches well mown. In order to make this easier, we are hoping to flatten any old, uncared-for graves. For those that are marked, we shall do our best to track down any existing relatives to let them know of our intentions. Nothing changes in the grave, it merely ends up with a level, mowable surface.

If one of your family at present resides in a humpy, tufty grave, and you would like it left that way, please let us know before the 29 March. Similarly, if you are one of the people who did not like the look of the churchyard last year, and would like to volunteer for this year's grass cutting rota, we would be delighted to hear from you.


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