Services in the Four Parishes - February 2012

With the departure of Chris Pettet, we wish to assure churchgoers that the usual services will be held in the four parish churches. The Team Rector, Chris Rankine, has arranged for all our usual programme of services to be covered by himself and the Team Vicar from the Wallops, Vanessa Cole, or by other priests. A programme has been planned up until Easter and the times will be published monthly as usual.

This is an extra load on Chris and Vanessa, when you consider that the team was formed for Chris Pettet to support Chris Rankine in his large parish, rather than the other way round, so please do continue to give them your full support.

There is no news yet on when, or if, Chris will be replaced, as in the best of circumstances it is always a long process. We have started this process by writing to the Bishop to ask for his help and support.
Church Wardens of Amport, Grateley, Monxton and Quarley

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